The client

BNI is one of the leading networking platform in the world, spreading across 72+ countries and more than 3,00,000 members. 

Scope of work

Logo design and branding


The Pune West branch was coming up of target of one thousand members with one million connections and turnover of one thousand crores rupees in 2019. To sum up targets visually in logo and create lapel pins for maximum contributing members.


We created identity keeping the targets in the mind which will resonate with 500 existing members and would be a proud moment to have pins on their suits. 


In each BNI, there is only one member of each business category to avoid competition. In 2018, BNI Pune West had 12 chapter and in each chapter there were graphic designers, advertising agency owners, which would lead count to more than 25+ members in the region who would do the branding.

In 2018, regional directors directly approached us directly and asked us to do the branding of One plus one initiative beating everyone else in the region. Being BNI member, it was a token of trust and appreciation to work on such project. And feather in cap for us, it was unveiled by regional members and national director of BNI which can be seen video above.

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